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FROM RELIEF TO READINESS                                              

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OPPORTUNITY FOR ACTION                                                 

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CONSEQUENCES OF DROUGHT                                           

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DEFINING DROUGHT                                                             

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         Stored Water and Natural Water Droughts                        Page 5


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          Drought Programs                                                         Page 9
          States                                                                          Page 9
          Regional Entities                                                           Page 10
          Localities                                                                      Page 12
          Tribes                                                                           Page 14
          Federal Government                                                       Page 16
                     Planning                                                            Page 16
                     Mitigation                                                           Page 18
                     Monitoring/prediction and Research                      Page 20
                     Insurance                                                           Page 22
                     Relief                                                                 Page 24
          Need to Coordinate Drought-related Programs                  Page 26
          Need for Public Education                                              Page 27
          Need to Address Environmental Concerns                       Page 28
          Need to Address Drought-related Wildfires                       Page 30
          Need for Training and Technical Assistance                     Page 31
          Need to Address International Drought-related Issues       Page 32


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APPENDIX A: The National Drought Policy Act                         

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APPENDIX B: Information Available
   from the National Drought Policy Commission                        

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National Drought Policy Commission Report  iii