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Appendix B:
Information Available from the
National Drought Policy Commission

The following information is available from the National Drought Policy Commission. You can access the following appendix files as well as the Commissionís final report and executive summary at the Commissionís web site: The appendix files, final report, and executive summary can also be ordered in electronic format and hard copy. Write: National Drought Policy Commission, USDA/FSA/AO, 1400 Independence Avenue SW, Mail Stop 0501, Washington, D.C. 20250-0501.

FILE A: Summary of Public Testimony at the Commissionís Hearings and Public Comments Submitted Independently (by subject matter, entity, and place of business or residence)

FILE B: List of the Commissionís Five Working Groups and Members and Unedited Background Materials

FILE C: Summary of State Drought-related Programs

FILE D: Summary of Regional Drought-related Programs

FILE E: Summary of Local Government Drought-related Programs

FILE F: Summary of Tribal Drought Plans

FILE G: Summary of Federal Drought-related Programs

FILE H: Summary of Federal Drought-related Laws

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National Drought Policy Commission Report 47