Columbia Accident Investigation Board
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Board Members

Chairman of the Board

Admiral Hal Gehman, USN

Board Members

Rear Admiral Stephen Turcotte, Commander, Naval Safety Center
Maj. General John Barry, Director, Plans and Programs, Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command
Maj. General Kenneth W. Hess, Commander, Air Force Safety Center
Dr. James N. Hallock, Chief, Aviation Safety Division, Department of Transportation, Volpe Center
Mr. Steven B. Wallace, Director of Accident Investigation, Federal Aviation Administration
Brig. General Duane Deal, Commander, 21st Space Wing, USAF
Mr. Scott Hubbard, Director, NASA Ames Research Center
Mr. Roger E. Tetrault, Retired Chairman, McDermott International, Inc.
Dr. Sheila Widnall, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems, MIT
Dr. Douglas D. Osheroff, Professor of Physics and Applied Physics, Stanford University
Dr. Sally Ride, Professor of Space Science, University of California at San Diego
Dr. John Logsdon, Director of the Space Policy Institute, George Washington University

Board Support

Standing Support Personnel Reporting to the Board
Ex-Officio Member: Lt. Col. Michael J. Bloomfield, NASA Chief Astronaut Instructor
Executive Secretary: Mr. Theron Bradley, Jr., NASA Chief Engineer

The Columbia Accident Investigation Board is drawing together some of the nation's most experienced investigators and safety experts from the aviation, naval nuclear propulsion, medical, scientific and academic communities to determine the cause of the February 1, 2003 space shuttle accident.

The following is a list of some of the Independent Analysis and Support Team members, investigators and other support staff who are currently assisting the CAIB:

Col. Jack Anthony
Dr. James P. Bagian
Lt. Col. Richard J. Burgess
Thomas L. Carter
Dr. Dwayne A. Day
Major Tracy Dillinger
Thomas L. Foster
CDR Mike Francis
Howard E. Goldstein
Lt. Col Patrick A. Goodman
Ronald K. Gress
Thomas Haueter
Dr. Daniel Heimerdinger
Dennis R. Jenkins
Christopher Kirchhoff
Dr. Gregory T. A. Kovacs
John F. Lehman
Jim Mosquera
Gary Olson
Gregory Phillips
David B. Pye
Lester A. Reingold
Donald J. Rigali
Dr. James. W. Smiley
G. Mark Tanner
Lt. Col. Wade J. Thompson
Bob Vallaster
Lt. Col. Donald J. White
Dr. Paul D. Wilde
LCDR Johnny R. Wolfe Jr.

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