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Photo Usage Policy

Official CAIB photos are provided for the press and other interested parties and may only be used for editorial purposes.

Official CAIB photos may not be used as an endorsement of a product or service or for commercial purposes.

The photographer’s credit should be attached to approved usage in the following form “CAIB Photo by [Photographer’s Name] [Year]”. Questions regarding use of the images on this website should be directed to the CAIB Public Affairs Office.

Official Photos

As part of the ongoing investigation into the loss of the Columbia Shuttle and its crew, the Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) will occasionally release official photos on its Web site. The CAIB analyzes and validates any photographs it releases. The Board is aware that a number of fabricated, altered or otherwise falsified photographs have been circulating on the Internet. The CAIB cannot validate the authenticity of photos not posted on its Web site.

Any credible leads or information that will assist in this investigation should be sent to the CAIB.

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