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Securing, protecting, and preserving peace and justice for all Iraqi citizens, their property, and possessions will enable citizens to participate fully in political and economic life. Achieving a secure and stable environment is the immediate priority of the Iraqi reconstruction effort. In order for Iraq to make a smooth transition to sovereignty, the people of Iraq must be free from fear of terror and a return to power of Saddam Hussein loyalists. Advancing towards a secure and stable environment requires that Coalition and Iraqi partners work in close cooperation to defeat the terrorists and insurgents that seek to hijack the emerging future for Iraq. Professional Iraqi security forces under firm civilian control and imbued with respect for political and human rights are needed as well. Citizens must be protected from criminals and property respected, and the judicial system must operate from a position of fairness and rationality.

Iraqi citizens are moving towards having the means to provide for their own defense and police forces, to assume its responsibility for external and internal security, including policing of its borders. Relationships with regional states and with the international community have been established. The roles and accountabilities of organizations providing security are being clearly defined within a legal framework, which will also regulate the private possession and use of weapons.

Coalition partners are continuing efforts with a wide range of Iraqi leaders, stakeholders and citizens, including the following elements under the broad banner of Security. For more information, please visit:

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March 11, 2004, Graduation of first class of the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps's NCOs



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