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Developing institutions that are effective in protecting society and constitutional order are a priority for the Iraqi-Coalition partnership. The accelerated establishment of Iraqi security forces hastens the desire of the Iraqi people to assume a greater stake in the security of their nation and its future. Currently over 175,000 Iraqis are working as part of Iraqi security forces, more than the number of Coalition troops serving in Iraq. For example, more than 1,000 new Iraqi Army soldiers are already on duty, assisting Coalition Forces in securing the new Iraq. Thousands more are either in training or awaiting the beginning of their training. Other Iraqis have stepped forward to secure their country by serving in the Iraqi Police Service, the Border Police, Iraqi Civil Defense Corps and the Facilities Protection Service.

Iraqi and Coalition partners continue to work together to:

Enable the earliest feasible transition to full Iraqi sovereignty under conditions of internal stability and security and an effective constitutional structure.

Create an Iraqi military that can defend the nation and be a positive factor in the constitutional order.

Enable the new Iraq, including its own defense forces, to assume responsibility for its external security, including protection and control of its borders, in the context of a constructive relationship with other friendly nations in the region and beyond.

Contribute to the development of Iraqi military forces which are effective in protecting the society and constitutional order respectful of Human Rights, and responsive to civilian control, and to the establishment by Iraqi authorities of Iraqi military and national security oversight mechanisms to ensure civilian control and public and parliamentary accountability within a legal and constitutional framework.

Create an effective and accountable Police System,

Create a Facilities Protection Service

Form the Iraq Civil Defense Corps (ICDC)

Reconstruct Civil Defense organization and establish mine action programs

Develop emergency management command and control system for Iraq that can coordinate police, fire, rescue and emergency medical assistance in the event of a natural or manmade disaster.

Assist Iraq in establishing constructive and successful relationships with regional states and with the international community.

For more information, please visit:

Ministry of Interior Security Forces Information Packet

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