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Citizens' Health Care Working Group

Health Care that Works for All Americans

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It's Up To You

What's next in the national discussion about our health care? This is your chance to be part of an important debate. Use the resources of this web site to learn about our health care system.

What happens next, depends on you.

Public Input Data

On-line Questionnaires

Over 20,000 public responses were received by the Citizens’ Health Care Working Group to its four on-line questionnaires. The individual responses are provided here in formats for use by both a general audience and in formats designed for use with analytical software.

Please note: some of the data files are very large, and may take several minutes to download.

"What’s Important to You?"

Open-ended questions, based on what the statute directed the Citizens’ Health Care Working Group to pursue, provide important context for understanding views about health care delivery and reform options. Key findings from these data are discussed in the “Dialogue with the American People.”

"Share Your Experience"

Americans offered hundreds of descriptions of experiences with the health care system.

Health Care Poll

This was the most extensive, closed-ended set of questions asked on-line, providing a substantial basis for analyzing people’s values and perceptions about health care, insurance coverage, and policy options. The overall findings are reported in Appendix C of “Dialogue with the American People.”

Comments on Interim Recommendations

Public comments on the Interim Recommendations submitted by thousands of individuals were considered during the development of the Final Recommendations that went to the President and the Congress.

Community Meetings

Responses to Standardized Questions

The Citizens’ Health Care Working Group conducted 31 community meetings centered on a set of questions about the health care system. The questions were largely the same across all the meetings and similar to those asked in the on-line questionnaires. Data from these meetings are included in the community meeting reports; summary results are also included in Appendix B of the “Dialogue with the American People.”

Additional information on other community meetings held around the country are also available.


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