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It's Up To You

What's next in the national discussion about our health care? This is your chance to be part of an important debate. Use the resources of this web site to learn about our health care system.

What happens next, depends on you.

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PDF Files

In order to access PDF files, Adobe® Acrobat® ReaderT software must be used. If you currently have this software installed on your computer, you can use it to view or print PDF files after you have downloaded them. Your browser may already be configured to use the Adobe® Acrobat® ReaderT as a "helper application," so that you can automatically view a PDF file when you select it.

If you do not have the Adobe® software installed, your browser may give you the option of downloading and saving PDF files for later viewing and printing. In this case, you do not need to configure your browser, but you will still need to have the Adobe® software installed in order to access the downloaded PDF files.

It is also highly recommended that PDF files be printed on a PostScript® printer, if one is available. Although PDF files may print legibly on other printers, a PostScript® printer will ensure a correct rendering of the document.

If you do not have the Adobe® software installed, you can install it by downloading a free copy. Please note that the system requirements for this software are: 4 MB of RAM, 5 MB of hard disk space, plus 7 MB of additional temporary disk space available during installation. For instructions, go to the Adobe® site at

Accessibility: Online conversion tools are available from Adobe® to help visually disabled users convert PDF documents into either HTML or ASCII text, which can then be read by a number of common screen reader programs. Go to:


PowerPoint files

You will need Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer in order to view these slide presentations. If you do not have this software, download PowerPoint viewer software at

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Windows Media files

You may need Windows Media Player to view webcasts on our site. If the Media Player software is not installed on your computer, you may download the software from Microsoft at

Minimum Requirements:

  • Pentium 166 megahertz (MHz) processor
  • 32 MB OF RAM
  • 28.8-kilobits per second (Kbps) modem
  • 16-bit sound card and speakers
  • 256-color video card
  • Microsoft Windows® 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows 2000, or Windows Millennium Edition
  • Internet Explorer 4.0.1 or Netscape 4.0

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