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Vol. 1, No. 15, January 25, 1999

Vice President Gore Announces Access America for Students
January 15, 1999--Starting this fall, college students will be able to use the Internet to access one-stop government services. Students at pilot schools will have an opportunity to use three new features: (1) a website gateway to access government services electronically, (2) an electronic ID, and (3) a single, integrated student account.

IRS Website Makes Taxes Less Taxing
January 1999--It's tax time. Let's not mince words. Some of us procrastinate. Some of us need help. What to do? Taxes may not be fun, but the IRS website is. You'll find a cool newsletter, The Digital Daily, plus lots of tax help written in plain English. You'll also find all IRS tax forms ready for printing. What more do you want? A refund?

Filing Taxes Online in Maryland

January 1999--If you live in Maryland, you can file your tax return online even if you owe the state money. And if you're due a refund and have direct deposit, you can get your money in 48 hours. If you owe money you send it later. Here's how it works: You click and go right to state-approved commercial software products. Once you've filed, you pay the software provider.

Federal Computer Week Says:
TAXi Delivers Teen-Friendly Tax Info

Dude, IRS has come up with one cool site for teens. It's sure to be a hit with parents and teachers, too. Among many topics, teens with jobs will learn how to file their taxes electronically. Way to go, IRS. We like your new emphasis on service and taxpayer assistance. After all, service is almost your middle name.

Texas Uses the Web to Simplify Business Sales Tax Filing
October 25, 1998--The State of Texas--the same Texas that launched a successful performance review under the leadership of Comptroller John Sharp in the early 90s that saved taxpayers billions of dollars--keeps working to make government cost less and work better. The State has now simplified business sales tax filing. Analyst Stuart Greenfield says "Our agency has recently deployed an application that allows 'no-tax' due sales tax payers the capability to file these type of returns over the Web." It's called WebFile and you will find it on the agency's Window on State Government site.

"This application builds off the Telefile system the agency has used since 1996," Greenfield said."Both applications share the same database and a procedure is in place to extract the return data and port it to the agency mainframe to update taxpayer records."

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Access America for Students

Making Taxes Less Taxing

Filing Online in Maryland

Teen-Friendly Tax Info

Texas Simplifies Sales Tax Filing

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