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Vol. 1, No. 11, December 28, 1998

New Year's Resolution: Save for Your Retirement!
Many Americans now realize they need to put money aside to supplement their pensions and Social Security. But how much? The Securities and Exchange Commission is publicizing a simple, one-page form that will help you calculate how much you'll need to continue your current standard of living when you retire. It was developed by the American Savings Education Council. The free Ballpark Estimate won't put financial planners out of business, but syndicated financial columnist Jane Bryant Quinn had good things to say it. Call SEC at (800) 732-0330 to get a copy. If you have a browser that supports JavaScript, you can fill in the form online and let your computer do your calculations. If not, print it.

AskERIC to Get Educational Resources
Educator Christopher Hopey, a guest reviewer in Yahoo Magazine (Dec. 1998), gave a 4-star review (THE BEST) to AskERIC, a component of the Educational Resources Information Center. ERIC is a federally-funded national education-related information system that includes 16 subject-oriented clearinghouses. Teachers, counselors, and parents can find lesson plans, articles, book lists and almost any resources they want on AskERIC. If they can't, they can ask Eric by e-mail and get an answer in two business days. Hopey also gave four stars to the Department of Education's website. "Not only does the site have almost every government policy document related to education," Hopey said, "it also has useful information on Direct Loans, a database of free governmental education-based materials, and an online publication series for parents..."

Powerful IT Tools Help Police Fight Crime
For the seventh straight year, crime rates across America are continuing to decline. Information technology is helping local police officers prevent and reduce crime. In Los Angeles, police have laptop computers so they can file reports from their cars. In Charlotte-Meckleburg, officers have instant access to data on criminal records, domestic violence, alcohol abuse, and much more. "Crime mapping" is becoming a crime-fighting tool in cities like Knoxville, TN and Phoenix, AZ and rural communities like McClean County, MO. On December 14, 1998, Vice President Gore announced grants for more police officers and new technologies like these.

Talking With Champions: James J. Flyzik, Treasury
Talking with Jim Flyzik, Vice President Gore's Access America "Champion" for the intergovernmental Public Safety Wireless Network initiative, you immediately sense urgency. Flyzik doesn't talk about interoperable networks as something we "ought" to be doing. He tells you right off, regarding moving now toward shared systems, "It's the only choice we have!"

Vice President Gore Will Moderate Live Satellite Broadcast on January 12
Is your community ready for the 21st Century? Are you connecting workers, jobs, and training for 21st Century skills? Vice President Gore will moderate the National Summit on 21st Century Skills for 21st Century Jobs on January 12. This live satellite broadcast is set for 1:30 - 3:00 PM EST. We invite business, labor, education, government and local community leaders to sponsor a down link location and to register online. We will also announce plans for a cybercast on this website. Pass the word!

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Save for Retirement!


IT Tools Fight Crime

Talking with Champion Jim Flyzik

Gore's Jan. 12 Satellite Broadcast

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