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Vol. 1, No. 6, November 23, 1998

Access Native America
Out of Isolation and Onto the Internet by the Year 2000

Rocky Ridge Day School, deep in the interior of the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, is so remote it can only receive radio telephone service. The Bureau of Indian Affairs funds isolated schools like Rocky Ridge on 63 reservations over America. Can 51,000 American Indian children in these schools be online in time for the next century?

MAC Is the Answer! What Is the Question?
Do you have questions about exporting goods to other countries? Welcome to Market Access and Compliance (MAC On-Line), formerly the Global Export Market Information System (GEMS). This totally revised site provides your company the fullest range of information on accessing foreign markets. MAC now features the Trade Compliance Center with a trade agreement database. If you have questions that MAC can't answer, just send an e-mail and the Market and Compliance staff in the International Trade Administration will find the answer for you.

Digital Maps: An Idea Whose Time Had Come
The US Geological Survey's highly-regarded topographic "quad" maps have been used for everything from determining a dam site to planning a bird watching trip. It takes 55,000 maps to cover the continental United States. It took the USGS several decades of work to produce this many maps, finishing in 1993. They are wonderful, but they are expensive to produce or revise. Besides, a growing customer segment wanted digital maps they could display on computer monitors. It took the agency less than two and a half years to scan these maps. Now they are selling well in a new medium--CDs, with 67 maps on each one. The disks have a multitude of uses, including helping monitor clean-up work in the Fargo, ND, area following the 1998 flood.

The Makers of MEDLINE Now Bring You MEDLINEplus
This definitely beats "take two aspirin and call me in the morning." The National Library of Medicine--the world's largest medical library--believes you will be a better patient if you know more about your illnesses and health problems. NLM has announced a new project to answer your medical questions. Thirty-nine public library organizations with more than 200 locations in nine states and the District of Columbia will take part in a pilot project featuring MEDLINEplus, an easy-to-understand website resource for the public. The site includes MEDLINE--the world's largest database of peer-reviewed information--as well as links to self-help groups, access to the National Institutes of Health consumer health information, clearinghouses, health-related organizations, and clinical trials.

New Website Helps You Navigate Federal Hiring System
Even with downsizing in recent years, Uncle Sam is still the nation's largest employer. To get the public's work done, the government hires all kinds of people--pharmacists, forest rangers, economists, lawyers, geologists, warehouse workers, teachers, you name it. Because our government has many different agencies with different kinds of jobs to be done, its hiring system can be daunting indeed. The Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration has put together a website to help you find your way. You'll find valuable job hunting information, personnel regulations, job search tools, aids to writing resumes, supplemental forms, and cover letters, and links to thousands of current job vacancies throughout the government. You can even experience the ease of completing an online Optional Form 612 to apply for a job.

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Out of Isolation and Onto the Internet

MAC Is the Answer!

Digital Maps


Navigate the Federal Hiring System

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