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Vol. 1, No. 1, October 2, 1998

Better Than the Lottery: How to Find Your Lost Pension
"No one told me I had a pension. I am glad to know that there is a government agency like the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation that took the time to look for me and give me my pension." This was the reaction of Ms. Carol Carson, Atlanta, GA., to the news that PBGC was holding a pension for her from her former employer in New York.

Wave of the Future?
New GSA Web Site Has 400 Commonly-Used Federal Forms

The General Services Administration has put almost 400 federal forms on a one-stop web site. Customers can look at, fill in, print, e-mail or fax these forms directly from the Internet. GSA's Johnny Young hopes this is the first step toward a web-based repository for all federal forms.

Donation to Turner Elementary School
"This is such a great thing for our kids," said Principal Marcia Parker as she watched a steady stream of computer hardware flowing through the front door of Turner Elementary School in Southeast Washington, DC. "Particularly our sixth graders are going to have a whole new world of research to explore on the Internet."

Access Native America
Out of Isolation and Onto the Internet by the Year 2000

Rocky Ridge Day School, deep in the interior of the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, is so remote it can only receive radio telephone service. The Bureau of Indian Affairs funds isolated schools like Rocky Ridge on 63 reservations over America. Can 51,000 American Indian children in these schools be online in time for the next century?

Home Computers Handle Daily Tasks for Injured Veterans
"It makes all the difference in the world." "Now I don't have to depend on someone else for everything." "It's really been a lifesaver for me." The Veterans Administration Medical Center, Spinal Cord Injury Unit in Memphis Tennessee leads the way in applying computer technology to improve the lives of of veterans.

New Technology Gives Motorists an Early Warning
A new traffic technology can warn motorists quickly of rapidly approaching emergency vehicles and trains. This is one of hundreds of space research by-products that now enrich the lives of Americans. See more technology transfers on the NASA Commercial Technology Network.

Yo Students, Teachers, Researchers, and Librarians: Check Out Energy's Electronic Bridge to the 21st Century
If you are a student, teacher, researcher, or librarian, you'll love a new Department of Energy Web site, the DOE Information Bridge . It captures the knowledge (over 25,000 research reports) created by billions of dollars of federal research information and puts it at your fingertips.


Lost Pensions

Web Forms

Computer Donation

Out of Isolation

Injured Veterans

Early Warning for Motorists

Bridge to the 21st Century

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