The Creation of the Science Commission

Science Commission Members

Standing (L to R):  Drs. Warren Wagner,  Peter Raven,  Robert Kirshner,  Simon Levin,  Jeremy Jackson,  Beryl Simpson, Stephen  Hubbell, Candy Feller, William Fitzhugh, Douglas Erwin,  Peter Crane
Seated (L to R):  Drs. Marvalee Wake, Yolanda Moses,  Jeremy Sabloff,  James Baker,  Alice Alldredge,  Bruce Campbell
(missing from photo--Dr. Francisco Ayala)

Report of The Smithsonian Institution Science Commission
Released: January 7, 2003.

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The Creation of the Science Commission

On May 7, 2001, the Regents passed the following resolution:

VOTED that the Board of Regents approves the adoption of a new strategic direction for Smithsonian science creating centers of research excellence reflecting among other things enhanced focus, greater collaboration within and without the Institution, and increased opportunities for gathering and marshaling greater resources to advance the Institution’s scientific research activities. The Board of Regents further approves the Secretary’s recommendation to establish a Science Commission to advise the Secretary and the Board of Regents on the design of the full range of elements to be addressed.

For 155 years, the Smithsonian Institution has had as its mission "the increase and diffusion of knowledge." Given the important questions facing the scientific world today, the existing level of institutional financial and physical resources, the strengths of the Institution's people and its collections, how should the Smithsonian set priorities for scientific research in the years ahead and, in general, carry out its historic mission more effectively?

The Commission's findings will be submitted to the Regents for their consideration.

Science Commission Members:

Dr. Jeremy A. Sabloff, Chairman Dr. Ilka Feller Dr. Peter H. Raven
Dr. Alice Alldredge Dr. William Fitzhugh Dr. Beryl Simpson
Dr. Francisco Ayala Stephen P. Hubbell, Ph.D. Dr. Warren Wagner
Dr. D. James Baker Dr. Jeremy B.C. Jackson Dr. Marvalee H. Wake
Dr. Bruce Campbell Dr. Robert P. Kirshner
Professor Peter R. Crane Dr. Simon Levin
Dr. Doug Erwin Dr. Yolanda T. Moses


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