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Federal Funding

Information on federal agencies, grants, contracts and other funding sources. Topics include funding for families and children, housing, public safety.

Groups That Build Strong Families Saluted By Foundation

"Children do well when their families do well; and families do better when they live in communities that support them," is the oft-repeated message of the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Now, the Foundation will give seven community service organizations half-a-million dollars (over three years) to honor their exemplary work on behalf of families and neighborhoods through its new National Honors Program.

Join Together Online

Contains news and information on substance abuse, gun violence, federal funding and more!

New Guide to Help Local Communities Establish Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

HHS Secretary Donna E. Shalala announces the release of "Get Organized: A Guide to Preventing Teen Pregnancy." The publication stresses a localized approach, a long-term commitment, and careful evaluation. It also provides novel approaches for addressing teen pregnancy, suggestions on how to target young men in prevention efforts, and mechanisms for channeling community views on pregnancy prevention into effective, localized strategies for addressing the overall issue.

Chief Louis F. Quijas, High Point, NC, Gives Keynote Speech

Mapping Out Crime

This report—the work of the Department of Justice and the National Partnership for Reinventing Government—describes what some of the most innovative law enforcement agencies in the country are doing. They are applying cutting-edge information technologies such as crime mapping to drive management decisions and to create real partnerships with communities to prevent and reduce crime.

Promising Strategies To Reduce Gun Violence

Promising Strategies To Reduce Gun Violence is designed as a "toolbox" to provide law enforcement, State and local elected officials, prosecutors, judges, community organizations, and other policymakers with practical information about a range of strategies to reduce gun violence.

SafeCities Network Convenes in Washington, DC


Washington, DC - Vice President Al Gore today announced the selection of ten communities to form a national SafeCities Network committed to reducing gun violence.

Report to the President, Criminal Background Check System (NICS)

COPS Website highlights SafeCities and After School initiatives

As part of its mission to advance community policing, the COPS Office has collected a wide variety of resources to help you in your efforts to implement community policing.

King County, WA News and Information

A unique network of community leaders from across the nation met Friday, March 3rd in Washington D.C. to share strategies and techniques for reducing gun violence. King County Sheriff Dave Reichert was one of the attendees as a representative to the SafeCities Network.

King County, WA Sheriff's Office & ATF Seize Arsenal of Weapons

The King County Sheriff's Office and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms* seized 60+ assorted firearms from a residence in unincorporated King County on Sunday, March 12th.

Satellite Town Meeting: Afterschool and Summer Programs for Youth

Schools and communities are finding new and exciting ways to provide students with quality learning opportunities outside the traditional school day: before- and after-school programs, summer learning activities, mentoring and tutoring efforts, and more. Secretary of Education Riley will hold a town meeting to discuss these issues.

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