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Atlantic City Weed and Seed, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Centinela Valley Juvenile Diversion Project, Inglewood, California
City of Springfield's Violence Prevention Task Force, Springfield, Massachusetts
Eastern District of Michigan Weed and Seed Sites, Detroit, Flint, Highland Park, and Inkster, Michigan
Fort Wayne, Indiana
King County Violent Firearms Crime Coalition, Western District, Seattle, Washington
Louisville, Kentucky
Miami Police Department, Miami, Florida
Safe City USA, Fort Worth, Texas
Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles, California
SafeCities Associates :
Austin Police Department, Texas
City of Cincinnati, Ohio
City of La Crosse, Wisconsin
Madison County District Attorney Office, Huntsville, Alabama
Project CARGO, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Prosecuting Attorney of St. Joseph County, South Bend, Indiana
Salt Lake County Criminal Justice Advisory Council, Utah
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina
West Tennessee Healthcare: Safe Communities Coalition, Jackson, Tennessee
Yamhill County Sheriff's Office, McMinnville, Oregon

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