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Help states achieve their goals of universal health insurance for children.

NPR is championing some innovative efforts to help improve the status of children in our society. In January 1999, Vice President Gore formally announced the "Boost 4 Kids" initiative. This initiative seeks to "Better Opportunities and Outcomes Starting Today" or BOOST children as a priority nationwide. Thirteen performance partnerships in ten different states were announced on May 13, 1999. Each performance partnership has community, state, and federal representatives participating locally, and each has a federal champion to help measure results and cut red tape by removing existing barriers. All communities that submitted Boost 4 Kids proposals, and others who have since heard about this project, have all been invited to help create the Boost 4 Kids Network, which now includes over 75 communities.

The Boost 4 Kids network is striving to make a difference for America's children by learning from each other, working together to solve problems, and measuring how we are doing to protect and nurture our nation's children.

The goals of Boost 4 Kids include:

  • Cut red tape and streamline services to get better results for our nation's children.
  • Achieve specific targets and results identified by performance partners.
  • Create better models for cross-government delivery of services for children.
  • Identify and resolve barriers at the federal, state and local levels.
  • Learn promising practices to better manage for results and maximize resources.
  • Provide a way for local, state, and federal partners to share lessons learned.

Boost 4Kids facilitates the making of systematic changes at various levels of government that will assist these ten states in reaching their goal of universal health care for children.

April 2000


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