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The Commission is concerned that its lack of funding and short timetable has limited the inquiry in which it has been able to engage. We anticipate that, with additional resources and an extension of the statutorily allotted time for submission of this report, the Commission would have undertaken the following efforts to provide the Congress with a more in-depth and detailed report:

  1. Engage in a more robust analysis of technologies and methods.

    • Conduct a more in-depth examination of individual technologies. This examination could include convening additional hearings on technologies about which we received insufficient testimony and observing technology demonstrations.

    • Present our recommendations for review by a panel of technical experts.

    • Investigate new technologies that came to the Commission's attention.

    • Clarify and break out the criteria and assumptions for evaluation of technologies and methods to allow the Commission to make more meaningful and specific assessments of individual technologies. Such an approach would allow the Commission to examine the distinct Constitutional and privacy impact, as well as the usefulness of these technologies in the home, school and libraries.

  2. Investigate the criteria and explore models for an independent testing lab that would provide consistent, reliable evaluation of technologies and provide an optimal service to the industry and consumers.

  3. Solicit input from additional operators of filtering and monitoring systems.

While this additional effort would have been desirable, it does not detract from the fact that the information gathered by the Commission was significant in quality and quantity, and provides an ample basis for our conclusions and recommendations.

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