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COPA Commission Meetings and Hearings

All COPA Commission hearings will be held over two days--one and a half days will be devoted to the hearing and the full commission meeting will be held the second part of the last day. All meetings and hearings are open to the public.

March 7 meeting

    Topic: COPA Commission public meeting (Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.)

April 28 meeting

    Topic: COPA Commission public meeting (Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C.)

June 8-9 Hearing 1

June 9 Meeting

July 20-21 Hearing 2

July 21 Meeting

August 3-4 Hearing 3

August 4 Meeting

September 18-19 Meeting

    Topic: COPA Commission Public Meeting (Washington, DC)

October 4-5 Meeting

October 21

    COPA Commission report due to Congress

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