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Research Papers

Y. Akdeniz
  • The Regulation of Internet Content in Europe: Governmental Control vs. Self-Responsibility
  • David Burt
  • Dangerous Access, 2000 Ed: Uncovering Internet Porn in America's Libraries [.pdf]
  • European Union
  • The Recommendation on Protection of Minors and Human Dignity [.pdf]
  • Greenville South Carolina Library Board
  • Internet Use Policy [.pdf]
  • Report [.pdf]
  • Christopher D. Hunter
  • Cyberporn, Filters, and Public Policy: A Content Analysis Research Proposal [.pdf]
  • (with Eric A. Zimmer) Risk and the Internet: Perception and Reality
  • Internet Filter Effectiveness: Testing Over and Underinclusive Blocking Decisions of Four Popular Filters [.pdf]
  • Filtering the Future?: Software Filters, Porn, Pics, and the Internet Content Conundrum [.pdf]
  • Information Society Project at Yale Law School
  • Filtering the Internet: A Best Practices Model [.pdf]
  • Morality in Media
  • Comments of Morality in Media, Inc. [.pdf]
  • Crimes against Children Research Center/ National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  • Online Victimization: A Report on the Nation's Youth [.pdf]
  • Project Bait and Switch
  • First Report on Exotrope's BAIR blocking program
  • Second Report on Exotrope's BAIR blocking program
  • Report on Clicksafe's blocking program
  • Sites blocked by FamilyClick
  • Sites blocked by Cyber Sentinel
  • SurfWatch error rate for the first 1,000 .com domains on the Internet
  • Crystal Roberts, Family Research Council
  • Filtering and Blocking Technology: The Most Effective Methods of Protecting Children from Internet Pornography [.pdf]
  • Richard S. Rosenberg
  • Controlling Access to the Internet: The Role of Filtering [.pdf]
  • U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Science
  • Kids and the Internet: The Promise and the Perils [.pdf]
  • Moving Toward More Effective Public Internet Access [.pdf]
  • Jonathan Weinberg
  • Rating The Net

  • Research Papers - Available from the Internet

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    Y. Akdeniz
  • The Governance of Internet Content Regulation in Europe (not currently available, July 11, 2001)
  • European Union
  • The Action Plan on promoting safer use of the Internet [.pdf]
  • Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
  • Access Denied, Version 1.0: The Impact of Internet Filtering Software on the Lesbian and Gay Community [.pdf]
  • Access Denied, Version 2.0: The Continuing Threat Against Internet Access and Privacy and Its Impact on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community [.pdf]
  • Access Denied, Version 1.0: The Impact of Internet Filtering Software on the Lesbian and Gay Community [.pdf]
  • Lawrence Lessig
  • G-Rated Browsers
  • What Things Regulate Speech: CDA 2.0 vs. Filtering [.pdf]
  • The Tyranny in the Infrastructure
  • (with Paul Resnick) Zoning Speech on the Internet: A Legal and Technical Model [.pdf]
  • Markkula Center
  • Access, Internet, and Public Libraries: A report to the Santa Clara County Libraries
  • OCLC Office of Research
  • Web Characterization Project; Statistics

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