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This Commission was not funded. Its operations were made possible by contributions of time by numerous individuals and companies, and by monetary grants from Network Solutions. Inc.; Yahoo! Inc.; America Online, Inc.; Education Networks of America; and PSINet. These contributions of time and funds were supplied unconditionally and with no expectation or receipt of consideration in any form from the Commission, under statutory gifts and grants authority. The Commission further thanks America Online, Inc.; Yahoo ! Inc.; San Jose State University, San Jose, California; the University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia; McGuire Woods Consulting; and US Postal Service, for donating hearing facilities or related assistance; Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee for donating web site design and hosting; and Alice Ganier for preparing the appendices.

Gifts and grants were used in part to pay Dittus Communications for essential organizational services. The Commission thanks Dittus, particularly Kristin Litterst, Jennifer Moire, Caroline Dietz, Marcy Stansbury, Kyle Pirnat, Jack Choate, Rob Gieser, Kathleen Mikitko, and Peggy O'Neill for services above and beyond what we could reasonably have expected.

Finally, we thank David R. Johnson and Susan P. Crawford of the law firm of Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, who served as legal staff to Chairman Donald Telage. Their organizational and strategic advice was essential to the Commission's success.

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