If you are accessing REGO on-line, you are cyberspace-savvy. So, why not do business with Federal agencies -- most of which now have Internet sites -- by accessing them electronically, rather than in-person or by phone? You can save time and energy, and your "virtual" electronic government --E-gov -- is ready to serve you in hundreds of ways.

Collect information ranging from Voice of America news bulletins to ratings of nursing homes
Buy products ranging from postal stamps to rare coins
Get forms ranging from tax forms to passport applications
Get consumer alerts, bulletins, and tips
Sign-up to receive e-mails about varied topics (like the latest news from the State Department about international disasters), and send e-mails to do a range of things, like making reservations at national park campgrounds.

So, browse and bookmark these selected Federal E-Gov sites. Learn, shop, e-mail, and download. Surf's up! Enjoy!

Careers and Business


Health Information

Health Coverage and Medical Care

Home Buying and Post-Disaster Rebuilding


Shopping and Consumer Protection

Stamps and Coins

Taxes and Financial Planning

Travel and Recreation


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