Treasury Financial Management Support Services


Agency: Department of Treasury

Title: Financial Management Support Services (FMS) Procurement Initiatives

Background Information

The Financial Management Support Services (FMS) Acquisition Management Division(AMD) at the Treasury Department realized a need for a streamlined, flexible contractual vehicle for a broad range of financial management services in support of FMS' mission and initiatives. Customers wanted shorter lead times, higher quality services and integration of Federal Information Processing (FIP)and non-FIP services.

Their objective was to design and implement a technical and procurement strategy to provide comprehensive, streamlined services to equal the best in the business. Since no one office was a sponsor of the overall requirement, and in the interest of providing excellent customer service, AMD agreed to assume the duties of a program office as well as those of a procurement office.

Key elements included: combination/integration of FIP and non-FIP financial support services; the combination of fixed price and cost-reimbursement task order structure; multiple awards; tasks to be awarded competitively to the maximum extent possible; reduced estimated processing time, from 165 days for anew contract to 60 days for a task order; small business subcontracting; and, a streamlined award fee process.

AMD has had numerous successes since implementing this plan, including: the preparation of an agency procurement request for FIP services which obtained a$10 million DPA; the development of an innovative and aggressive subcontracting strategy; and, they conducted a full and open competition and made multiple awards in March, 1994 at a total value of $26 million.

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