DOS Improved Service to Business Community


Agency: Department of State

Title: State Department Provides Improved Service to the American Business Community

Background Information

The Department of State has been engaged in the promotion of U.S. business interests since the beginning of our Republic. With the Vice President's National Performance Review (NPR) and its recommendations aimed at improving our promotion of U.S. business overseas, we dedicated new resources exclusively to business services. As a result of NPR and the Department's own "reinventing government" exercise we have taken many steps to improve the Department's service to the American business community.

We started by creating the position of Coordinator for Business Affairs and went on to launch a number of initiatives designed to provide overseas posts with additional business promotion resources; upgraded the commercial training that Ambassadors, DCMs, economic, political, consular, and country desk officers receive; and improved coordination on commercial issues within the Department and with other trade promotion agencies.

Initiatives deserving of special mention are:

Main NPR Category: Customer Service

Related NPR Categories: Cutting Red Tape

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