NASA Johnson Space Center


Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Title: NASA Johnson Space Center

Background Information

The NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) is a field installation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. JSC's mission is manned space flight involving research and the development and operation of human space systems. In accomplishing this mission, the Center strives to maintain excellence in the fields of project management, systems engineering, life sciences, lunar and planetary sciences, and crew and mission operations.

In 1986, JSC implemented "Achievement Through Team Excellence," a continuous improvement effort that included strategic planning to establish Center goals, culture surveys directed at understanding and improving the work environment, and Team Excellence improvement projects. Building on this foundation, the Center formally adopted Total Quality Management in 1991, led by the senior management team and a Total Quality Steering Committee. Organizational steering committees and teams were formed, involving employees at all levels in identifying and implementing improvements. A broad training program in TQ concepts and principles, process improvements, and team building was established.

More than 150 teams have been active in identifying and implementing continuous improvements and there have been significant joint team efforts involving other NASA organizations and support contractors as well. Results have been achieved in both technical and administrative areas. In Space Shuttle Mission Operations, improvements in flight design, control center operations, reconfiguration management, and contractor business efficiencies produced savings of $13 million in FY 1992, $28.6 million in FY 1993, and expected annual savings estimated to peak at $98 million FY 1996. Improvements in administrative and support areas include a 44% improvement in maintenance response time for computer and telecommunications services, a 50% reduction in approval signatures required for an important procurement processes (Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition), and a 37% decrease in source document errors associated with "common use services carrier accounts."

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