Reinventing Crime Fighting through Increased Efficiency


Agency: Department of Justice

Title: Reinventing Crime Fighting through Increased Efficiency

Background Information

Tony Antenucci and his reinvention team at the Drug Enforcement Administration, have developed an automated system which will simplify and expedite the processing of a prisoner. By automating the collection of fingerprints, photos and line-ups, an agent can reduce the time required to process an arrestee from 75 min. to about 15 min. This system not only frees-up the agent for other important duties but it also dramatically reduces the possibility of errors.

The most significant advantage of this system is the potential for immediately sharing information (fingerprints, mug shots, etc.) with other law enforcement offices around the country for background checks or identification. Agents will be able to positively identify fugitives-arrested while using aliases, preventing them from obtaining low bail and escaping prosecution. The need for duplication of information as a prisoner moves through the system will be virtually eliminated.

Currently, this system can only transfer information to other DEA centers where this equipment is being tested. However, the goal of the Justice Department's NPR Reinvention Lab Team is to develop one system that would be universal to all law enforcement agencies. The DEA has joined with the FBI, U.S. Marshals, Immigration, and Bureau of Prisons to develop standards and guidelines to enable all agencies to share this technology and to ensure the new system meets their specialized needs.

Most of the agents at DEA were skeptical of the accuracy and effectiveness of a computerized system and their lack of computer experience/ knowledge was a definite handicap. However, the district director, Tony Bocchichio, made computer training mandatory and, to expedite the change, he removed all equipment for booking a prisoner the "old way". The "touch screen" program makes the entire process simple and quick. Future plans are for each agent to have access to the system from his/her desk to allow continuous and immediate update to arrestee's file as information becomes available.

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