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Agency: Intelligence Community

Title: IC Reinvention Laboratory Works to Speed Intelligence Searches

Background Information

The TIPSTER Text Program, which became an Intelligence Community Reinvention Laboratory in April, 1994, is working to better serve the needs of its customer the intelligence analyst. It aims to significantly speed the process of finding needed data (for example background information on a current crisis) from a massive library of multilingual, digitized textual material.

The tools needed include software systems for the routing of messages, systems for document retrieval from large archival storage, and information extraction systems which automatically scan textual documents and place specified information into standardized data structures.

According to Dr. John Prange of NSA's Office of Mission/Signal Processing, TIPSTER suits the reinvention lab concept very well. "It's an excellent example of the process by which a variety of government agencies can come together around a common requirement, pool their resources, and then by working closely together over an extended period of time, successfully produce results that far exceed what any one agency could have achieved on its own."

Main NPR Category: Customer Service

Related NPR Categories: Cutting Red Tape

Contact Person: Wayne Peal

Contact Phone: (703) 482-6607

Contact Address:

Community Management Staff Room 5E29 OHB CIA

Washington, DC 20505

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