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Agency: Intelligence Community

Title: Quality Efforts Merit National Recognition for CIA's Office of Information Technology

Background Information

At the July 1994 National Conference on Federal Quality in Washington, D. C., CIA's Office of Information Technology was honored as one of nine finalists for the 1994 Federal Quality Improvement Prototype Award. The honor came in response to OIT's ongoing program of total quality management.

The mission of OIT is to serve the information technology needs for the CIA. The office serves as the Agency's phone company. Its personnel build and maintain the Agency's telecommunications network, deliver its mail, procure its computer hardware and software, and run its centralized computer services.

Some three years ago, OIT decided to develop a program on total quality management, and since then has had strong management commitment and leadership in the effort. The senior leaders attended the first TQM classes and chair the quality boards in their organizations. Either the office director or deputy director spends one to two hours in every training course discussing the importance of the TQM program.

OIT developed a five-year TQM plan which seeks to ensure consistency in making processes and procedures more efficient, while improving the quality and timeliness of service. The TQM program has produced many quality results during the past several years--some quantified, other unquantified. Improving customer service, developing empowering leaders, and optimizing resources continue to be main themes. More than 90% of the staff has received TQM training. Some 30 Process Action Teams, called Quality Teams, have completed work process analyses and have made more than 200 recommendations for improving services.

As an example, the Computer Operations Group implemented a Quality Team recommendation for more timely deletion of inactive mainframe user identifiers, thereby releasing associated disk storage space. During the past year, this recommendation resulted in a cost avoidance of more than $1.3 million. When all approved Quality Team recommendations become implemented, OIT expects an estimated total cost avoidance of over $8 million.

Quantifiable results are higher productivity, better space utilization, and reduced overtime. There are also unquantifiable benefits including improved customer service, more effective communications, enhanced leadership skills and higher morale.

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