Federal Housing Authority - Denver Processing Center


Agency: Department of Housing and Urban Development

Title: Federal Housing Authority - Denver Processing Center

Background Information

The establishment of the Denver Single Family Processing Center is a new concept for FHA. It supports NPR goals to improve customer service, streamline management control, improve financial management, and reinvent support services.

Customer Service

The Denver Processing Center will consolidate routine, location neutral single family loan origination functions. This consolidation will enable FHA to free up staff at local offices to proactively market FHA programs and to provide stronger "people-to-people" customer services to taxpayers and other FHA customers.

The combined geographic area of both regions accounts for approximately 25 percent of FHA's single family business. Many of the local offices have four to six-week backlogs in endorsement processing. By moving the workload to the Center, processing will be speeded up to three to five days. Faster processing will result in major savings and improved customer service to lenders.

Streamlining Management Control

Under the current structure, 17 Field Offices do all the functions related to single family loan origination for the Rocky Mountain and Southern Region. Under the new structure, the Denver Center will be responsible for all "location neutral" single family loan origination functions that, through automation, can be done in any location without adversely effecting service to the customer. Lenders will contact one office rather than 17 offices. This approach will establish uniform policy and procedures for lenders and improve management control over the loan origination process.

Improve Financial Management

This concept simplifies and improves the loan origination process by facilitating the use of advances in automation and telecommunications. Lenders will be allowed to fully utilize the CHUMS/CLAS Systems, voice and E-mail. In addition, by consolidating these function, lenders will receive uniform policy and technical guidance, the risk of material weaknesses occurring will be minimized. With a single office responsible for the day-to-day activities formerly performed in 17 offices, accountability will be strengthened.

Reinvent Support Services

The consolidation of the work of 17 offices into one office improves FHA's ability to provide support services to lenders. Both lenders and local offices benefit, lenders by receiving improved services. Local offices, freed of routine processing activities, will be able to redirect staff to provide improved customer service and reduce workload in single family loan management. The Center will provide faster, uniform case processing to lenders in 17 states.

Main NPR Category: Customer Service

Related NPR Categories: Cutting Red Tape, Cutting Back to Basics

Contact Persons:

Jim Park

Contact Phone: (202) 708-3600

John Sepulreda

Contact Phone: (202) 708-0839

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