Georgia Common Access Application Reduces Red Tape


Agency: Department of Health and Human Services

Title: Georgia Common Access Application Reduces Red Tape Group

Background Information

With the help of former President Jimmy Carter and his Atlanta Project, a group of federal and state executives under the auspices of the Federal Executive Board formed the Georgia Common Access Team to look for ways to make the application and eligibility determination process for a variety of federal and state aid more user-friendly. The team consisted of representatives from the Social Security Administration, the Health Care Financing Administration, the Administration for Children and Families, Food and Nutrition Service, Housing and Urban Development, and the Georgia Department of Human Resources.

The Team was successful in streamlining the application process for six different types of aid by reducing a total of 64 pages of often duplicative paper work into 8 pages that met the filing requirements of each of the individual agencies. By completing this eight page application individuals in need can now apply for food stamps, Medicaid, housing assistance, the women, infant and children program, aid to families with dependent children, and supplemental security income.

A six month pilot program began on March 14, 1994, in the Atlanta Project's Tri-Cities cluster. This project significantly reduces the paper work for the people in need, provides for improved customer service and demonstrates what can be accomplished when federal and state agencies collectively look for better ways to do business.

Main NPR Categories: Customer Service, Cutting Red Tape

Contact Person: Janet Hubler

Contact Phone: (404) 331-2077

Contact Address: Social Security Administration

101 Marietta Tower, Suite 1902

Atlanta, GA 30323

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