Deviating From The FAR For Reinvention Labs


Agency: General Services Administration

Title: Deviating From The FAR For Reinvention Labs

Background Information

Vice President Gore has encouraged agencies to establish reinvention laboratories as a way of cutting red tape. Accordingly, GSA responded quickly. On June 24, 1993 GSA's Associate Administrator for Acquisition Policy issued a memorandum to Civilian Agency Senior Procurement Executives reaffirmed their right to deviate from the FAR as long as the underlying statutes are not violated and other conditions cited in the memorandum do not exist. Further, as long as these conditions do not exist, agencies do not need the formal approval of the FAR signatories.

GSA is committed to providing agencies the maximum flexibility needed to conduct reinvention laboratories, and has provided a list of contact points to the NPR to assist agencies in the waiver of GSA-promulgated regulations.

Main NPR Category: Cutting Red Tape

Contact Person: Arthur Ronkovich

Contact Phone: (202) 501-1043

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