FEMA Labor Management


Agency: Federal Emergency Management Agency

Title: FEMA Labor Management

Background Information

On October 19, 1993, James L. Witt, Director of FEMA, and the labor unions representing Agency employees formed a Labor-Management Partnership Council. The Council is comprised of seven union- appointed FEMA employees and nine Agency management representatives, including a chair appointed by Mr. Witt. Members will serve an 18-month term. In forming the partnership, Mr. Witt said:

"It opens the way for all involved parties to come together to identify problems, craft solutions, and make sure that we deliver the highest quality of services for safeguarding the American people."

The Council held its first meeting in January 1994. Subsequent meetings were held in March and May 1994. In addition, there were three telephone conference calls. Scheduled meetings will be held quarterly and conference calls as necessary. Council accomplishments to date include:

In the long term, the Council will refine the process on how it can provide advice to the FEMA Director and influence Agency policy. Members agree that the Council will address agency wide rather than site- specific issues. Examples of significant issues to be addressed include workplace quality/safety; training and career development; consistency in implementing Agency policy; personnel matters; and performance of the Agency mission.

Main NPR Category: Employee Empowerment

Contact Person: John D. Hwang

Contact Phone: (202) 646-3006

Contact Address: Federal Emergency Management Agency

500 C Street, SW

Washington, DC

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