Surplus Computers Sold to DOL Employees


Agency: Department of Labor

Title: Surplus Computers Sold to DOL Employees

Background Information

For many years, each agency of the Department of Labor stored and/or surplussed its own obsolete equipment, including computers. The equipment was of no value to anyone.

Through encouragement by the new administration for employees to think of ways to "reinvent" the government, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management's (OASAM's) Directorate of Information Resources Management developed an idea to offer obsolete computer equipment to DOL employees through a public sale. Six DOL employees planned and coordinated the first public sale of computers from three participating agencies.


A total of 200 systems were sold to 180 employees. The sale netted $18,500 which was divided among the participating agencies for purchase of replacement computer equipment. Employees who purchased the equipment were very enthusiastic about having an opportunity to obtain equipment for their children's use or to satisfy minimum home office needs.

In addition to the computers sold, the Department was able to retain 35 systems for use by employees participating in the Department's flexiplace pilot program.

Since the sale, several other federal agencies and DOL components have contacted OASAM to learn about procedures for setting up a sale of excess computer equipment.

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