Dealing with Defense Downsizing


Agency: Department of Commerce

Title: Dealing with Defense Downsizing

Background Information

The Economic Development Administration, in a joint effort with the Department of Defense, has established a national clearinghouse for the information needs of communities, industries, and workers who are adjusting to the effects of defense downsizing. Since its opening in November 1993, the clearinghouse has taken more than 17,685 calls.

The Economic Development Administration's Office of Economic Conversion Information was established to:

The office makes available, among other information, current news on economic conversion, bulletins announcing new events, the names, addresses, and phone numbers for a wide variety of contacts, military installations slated for closure, principle contacts in affected communities, federal program contacts, status reports on industry adjustment projects, impact estimates and more general economic data. The office provides examples of civilian applications of defense technology as well as research and development incentives and models of emerging products to help communities make the transition from a defense-oriented to a civilian technology economy.

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