Reengineering USAID


Agency: U.S. Agency for International Development

Title: Reengineering USAID

Background Information

One of the keys to reinventing USAID is reengineering the way we do business. This reengineering builds on the ongoing development of an integrated, Agency- wide information system, but goes far beyond. It represents a commitment to assuring that all of USAID's business functions focus on meeting customer needs and achieving results; that they fully empower staff, while enhancing accountability; and that they reflect core Agency values of participation and teamwork.

USAID's reengineering encompasses procurement reforms, financial management reforms, and budget reforms. It embodies new ways of managing our human resources to clarify responsibilities and accountability, reward teamwork and appropriate risk-taking, and develop and expand knowledge and skills to fully utilize everyone's capabilities. It will be built on new technology, an integrated information system through which knowledge is freely available and everyone knows what they need to know to work effectively.

At the heart of USAID's reengineering, is the reengineering of development operations, our core business -- the way we plan for, achieve, judge, and manage development results. Last May, an intensive reengineering team defined the broad framework for more responsive, results-oriented, customer focused, and employee empowering development operations. This summer, a second team is translating this "view from 30,000 feet," into specific new ways of doing business. By the fall, we will be developing the specific policies, procedures, and information systems needed to make this new way of doing business a reality. At the same time, we will being trying out new approaches through at least 20 reinvention "laboratories" in USAID Missions and offices throughout the world. By the fall of 1995, this new "operations system" will be fully developed. By the fall of 1996, it will be fully implemented throughout USAID.

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