U.S. AID Procurement Reforms


Agency: U.S. Agency for International Development

Title: Procurement Reforms

Background Information

The Office of Procurement, in an effort to expose more US businesses and individuals to USAID competitive procurement opportunities, has begun to post Commerce Business Daily (CBD) announcements and competitive solicitations and applications on the Agency's Gopher and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) system. These systems can be accessed by millions of Internet subscribers. Currently there are 12 CBD announcements and 9 competitive solicitations and 1 competitive request for application posted on the system. In addition, the Fiscal Year 1994 Procurement Forecast has also been posted. This forecast contains information relating to expected FY 94 competitive procurements,

The Office has held one vendor town meeting. This meeting was hosted by the Office of Procurement and included an address by Administrator Atwood. The meeting provided contractors, grantees and recipients, who are currently doing business with the Agency, and others interested in doing business with USAID, a forum to ask questions and get some answers. The Office of Procurement anticipates holding another vendor town meeting on the West Coast sometime in September.

In early 1993, the Agency generated an Information Systems Plan (ISP) which ultimately categorized the Agency into eight business areas for the purpose of conducting Business Area Analyses (BAA). One of the eight was Acquisition and Assistance (A&A), and the BAA was conducted from October 1993 through April 1994. One outcome of the BAA is a comprehensive model of the information requirements of the A&A process based upon essential functions. This model is being used as the "requirements" definition for an automated A&A system. This system will ultimately interface with the systems which will be generated from the business models resulting from the analysis of other related business areas (i.e., Accounting BAA, Budget BAA, Operations BAA, Workforce BAA, Guidance BAA, etc.) to form an Agency wide information system. The A&A BAA Report has been distributed to USAID/W, BS-93 field backstops and Mission Directors.

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