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Agency: United States Agency for International Development

Title: Lessons Without Borders: Local Problems, Global Solutions

Background Information

Americans are beginning to recognize that U.S. foreign economic and humanitarian assistance works to tackle major environmental, social and economic problems abroad before they pose more serious threats to the United States. Many of the lessons the United States has learned overseas can be applied to help solve some of America's domestic problems. This sharing of expertise and knowledge is a winning proposition for all. In agriculture, in health, in businesses large and small, in research and in building better communities, there is much the United States can learn from its foreign assistance programs. "There is nothing like a developing country as a crucible for forcing the development and implementation of cost-effective medical treatment," noted pediatrician Julius Goepp said.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (U.S.A.I.D.) leads the U.S. effort to carry out development programs abroad. And the agency is working closely with community leaders nationwide in an effort to share solutions to problems that know no borders. On June 6, 1994, for example, a very successful seminar, cosponsored by Mayor Schmoke of Baltimore and Administrator Brian J. Atwood and attended by the Vice President, showed how much utility there is in such an approach.

Whether the effort is to bring child survival lessons learned in Africa to the inner city, education system reforms from projects in South Korea to Florida, disaster assistance management courses in California based on experience in Central America, or new innovations in agricultural productivity in Texas derived from projects in Tanzania, there is much promise in this sharing of knowledge. USAID is planning additional seminars in other parts of the country as a logical first step in this exciting project.

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