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Government Information Locator Service

Government Information Xchange If the federal information you want is not on the Web, call the Federal Information Center (FIC) toll-free @ 1-800-688-9889 from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except federal holidays.

GSA's Web Site Index
"Wow" is the only word for this collection of topics-everything from Accessibility Standards to Can't Beat GSA Leasing, to Charge Card Program to Credit Card (IMPAC) to, well, you know, right through to Year 2000. OK, there's no Z, but, you'll find way more than 90 resources right on this web site.

Legislative Information
Visit Thomas, a service of the Library of Congress. Ever wonder what the Administration's position was on a pending bill? See Statements of Administration Policy (SAPs) .

Presidential Documents (Weekly Compilation)
This online edition is a joint project of the National Archives and Records Administration's Office of the Federal Register and the Government Printing Office. The site has a search engine. Visit

Reinvention Initiatives

America Anywhere A listing of federal 800 numbers and e-mail addresses for easy access to the government--part of the Blue Pages Project below.

Blue Pages Project
Under the leadership of the General Services Administration, agencies are reinventing the way that federal government services are listed in over 6,000 telephone directories distributed nationwide. Services are by subject not agency.

Conversations with America
President Clinton has directed agencies to increase their efforts to engage their customers in conversations about making further improvements in customer service.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)
Do you have an operation that might be spun off into a corporation owned by its employees? Check out ESOP's at

Entrepreneurial Government
Want to know more about entrepreneurial government initiatives, legal limitations, opportunities, and experiences? There's a web site for you.

Government Executive Magazine's Reinvention Center Timely reinvention stories and events.

Hammer Awards and Other Awards

High Impact Agencies
Goals of the 32 federal agencies that reach the most Americans.

National Partnership for Reinventing Government THE site for reinventors, with Presidential and Vice Presidential documents, Conversations with America, speeches, news, Hammer Awards, Reinvention Labs, calendar-the works.

Performance-Based Organizations Includes Performance Based Organizations: A Conversion Guide
Plain Language President Clinton has directed all federal agencies to use plain language in government writing. Vice President Gore announced an award for "no more gobbledygook." The one-stop site for this initiative is

Reinvention Labs
For information, contact Lance Cope at (202) 694-0009 or Visit

Reinvention Laboratories and Waiver Clearinghouse
Summaries of what's going on in labs around the country.

Welfare Reform Also see NPR's Welfare-to-Work page at and the Welfare Reform Research and Education Network at

Reinvention Publications

How to Order NPR Publications

Access America
Vice President Gore's plan for a government that delivers services electronically.

Benchmarking Studies on Telephone Service, Resolving Customer Complaints Customer-Driven Strategic Planning, Performance Measurements, Downsizing, One-Stop Customer Service, and Courtesy.

The Blair House Papers, 1997. This is the "little red book" of workable reinvention rules as practiced by federal workers and recommended to the Cabinet by President Clinton and Vice President Gore.

Businesslike Government: Lessons Learned from America's Best Companies, NPR's 1997 Annual Report

Getting Results Through Learning
This "little green book" on training reinvention was developed by a special task force of the Human Resource Development Council.

Project Management for Mission Critical Systems: A Handbook for Government Executives
This "little blue book" tells you how to plan for and buy systems that help your agency get its work done.

Turning the Key: Unlocking Human Potential in the Family in the Family-Friendly Federal Workplace (1997 Report)

Grants and Rulemaking

Project EASI
The Department of Education's site gives students, families and colleges immediate access to information and financial assistance to help pay for college. Includes online application. Visit

Tool for finding and exchanging information about Health and Human Services grants and other selected Federal grant programs. Visit

Electronic Rulemaking
Want to see what electronic rulemaking online looks like? Take a look at HHS's Administration for Children and Families postings on their website See list of other sites at

Administrative and Human Resources

Health and Human Services Program Support Center Its mission is to provide qualitative and responsive "administrative support services" on a cost-effective, competitive, fee-for-service basis to HHS components and other federal agencies. In the world of reinvention, outsourcing, downsizing and right-sizing, this is a valuable resource.

Jossey-Bass Pheiffer
Resources for human resource professionals.

Office of Personnel Management the federal government's human resource agency.

Online Resources for Federal Travelers

Reimbursable Services
Wonder what government agencies offer reimbursable administrative services? Visit GSA's list of reimbursable services

Resource Center for Addressing and Resolving Poor Performance


Federal Training Mall The central access point for federal training services, information, and products.

National Guard Bureau's Distributive Training Technology Project
If you want to try distance learning, but don't have the facilities, this is site for you. The National Guard Bureau is sharing its distance learning system and facilities on a fee-for-service basis, which makes it affordable and available to everyone. This means government agencies, schools, military, health care providers, and local communities. Visit

Reinvention Express Calendar
Reinvention meetings, conferences, and training opportunities.

Trainers Page by the Employment and Training Administration.


America's Career InfoNet
The Department of Labor's searchable database of employment trends, wages, training requirements, economic information, area cost of living, and other information. Contact Jean A. O'Donoghue at (202) 219-8854.

America's Job Bank
This is the largest pool of job openings anywhere and attracts millions of visitors each year. Employers and job seekers can post their own ads. Visit

America's Talent Bank
This is Labor's nationwide database of electronic resumes that can be searched electronically by employers.

Career Manager
A resource-filled site to assist you in making career decisions. Linked to more than 36,000 web pages, it was developed by the Department of the Interior

Disability Initiative

Planning Your Future...A Federal Employee's Survival Guide
In a time when many federal agencies are downsizing through reduction in force, federal employees need information about career transition, federal and non-federal employment, retirement, buyouts, RIF, benefits, going back to school, and other transiti onal tools, such as starting a business. This site pulls all this information together in a user-friendly format.

USA Jobs
The U.S. Government's official site for jobs and employment information provided by the United States Office of Personnel Management.


Acquisition Reform Network
This network is helping achieve breakthrough improvements in the way that government obtains goods and services.. If you want to look for best practices, reference materials, discussion forums, try this site.

Environmental Products Guide
A bigger, better guide that lists over 3,000 environmentally oriented products on the GSA Federal Supply Schedule. Visit

Federal Supply Service

Online shopping at GSA Advantage


BudgetNet Hosted by FinanceNet, with networking and federal budgeting and financial management information. Includes a newsgroup and a mailing list.

Federal Budget
Do you know the whole Federal budget is available on the Internet? Go to it!

FinanceNet The Internet's home for public financial management worldwide, established by NPR to achieve continuous improvement and innovation at all levels of government in the stewardship of taxpayer resources.

Government Surplus
Ever wonder what happens to surplus government assets? Visit the one-stop shopping web site for information on the sale or auction of all manner of public assets and surplus, from real property and loans to planes, boats, cars, jewelry and almost anything else you can imagine.

Reimbursable Services
Wonder what government agencies offer reimbursable administrative services? Visit GSA's list of reimbursable services

Retirement Calculator
Belong to the CSRS retirement system and want to calculate your current benefits? Try GSA's CSRS Retirement Calculator

User Fees
Considering user fees and like to get an overview? Try GAO's report on Federal User Fees: Budgetary Treatment, Status, and Emerging Management Issues

Management and Government Performance

Business Practices
The Business Practices Team at the USDA Animal and Plant Health and Safety Inspection Service have a resource-filled website.

CFO Council's GPRA Implementation Committee Documents The Congressional Institute on the Results Act

The Congressional Institute on the Results Act

Managing for Results Page on NPR's web site has many government-wide Government Performance and Results Act resources.

Oregon Option Model for results-driven intergovernmental service delivery.

The Department of the Navy website at features numerous quality-related products that can be downloaded such as The Department of the Navy Benchmarking Handbook: A Systems View; A Handbook for Strategic Planning; and Strategic Management for Senior Leaders: A Handbook for Implementation.

The Results Report from Government Executive Magazine

Year 2000

Year 2000 (Also called Y2K)
What are agencies doing to avert calamity if computer systems can't process information when the year 2000 arrives? Here's a list of great informational sites from the US State & Local Gateway.

One-Stop Web Sites

Commerce Business Daily Net
An official, free listing of government contracting opportunities. Visit

Commonly-Requested Federal Services

The US Consumer Gateway is your link to federal consumer information.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) free Quick access to hundreds of teaching and learning resources across the federal government.

Federal Statistics
Statistics on subjects from A to Z from more than 70 agencies on this Web gateway were developed by the Interagency Council on Statistical Policy.

A gateway site developed by Health and Human Services. It brings together health resources of many federal agencies and other partners.

Non-Profit Gateway
A network of links to federal government information and services

Occupational Safety and Health Administration's Expert Advisors
Industry loves these interactive expert systems.

Protect Your Privacy
This gem of a site tells you how to stop credit bureaus, direct marketers, and department of motor vehicles from sharing your personal information with others. Site even has sample letters! Visit

This site was designed by a partnership of six federal agencies. It provides one-stop shopping for outdoor recreation.

US Business Advisor One-stop access to federal information, services, and transactions.

US State and Local Gateway This interagency site links to a wealth of federal information by subject for state and local government employees.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Innovation Network
The Innovation Network is a dynamic group of people dedicated to improving their organizations through the powerful use of innovation, creativity, and collaboration skills. Visit them at

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