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The National Drought Policy Commission (Commission) established working groups to assist the Commission in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities. The Commission was asked to do a thorough study of drought and determine what needs exist to prepare for and respond to drought emergencies. It was also required to review all existing Federal, State, local, and tribal drought-related programs and laws, consider regional drought initiatives, and determine what gaps existed.

The following five working groups were established on the basis of drought impact area: Agriculture; Environmental; Local Government, Community, and Business; Monitoring and Prediction; and Municipal and Industrial. The working groups were comprised of a broad scope of persons with expert knowledge regarding drought, from Federal, State, local, tribal and private sources throughout the country. Each working group selected a Federal and non-Federal co-chair.

The working groupsí reports and associated summaries constitute a wide range of insights, perspectives, experiences, and opinion. This material was presented to assist the Commission to understand the breadth of thinking on these issues. It is underscored that these documents were meant to display a wide range of perspectives and opinions on drought and do not necessarily reflect agency positions. Some ideas are the result of long term, peer-reviewed studies, while others represent professional opinions. There are some opposing views within these documents; however, it was felt the Commission would find the material more useful if these differences were preserved.

This file contains, for each working group, a list of its members, co-chairs, and draft report.

  • Agricultural Working Group Draft Report
  • Environmental Working Group Draft Report
  • Local Government, Community, and Business Working Group Draft Report
  • Monitoring and Prediction Working Group Draft Report
  • Municipal and Industrial Water Working Group Report