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The report of the National Drought Policy Commission is the result of thousands of hours of effort by many persons and groups who have a commitment to improving drought policy in our nation. 

In accordance with P. L. 105-199, the Commission has prepared a report for Congress to review on developing a national drought policy.  In conducting the study for the report, the Commission was charged to:

(1) determine, in consultation with the National Drought Mitigation Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, and other appropriate entities, what needs exist on the Federal, State, local, and tribal levels to prepare for and respond to drought emergencies;

(2) review all existing Federal laws and programs relating to drought;

(3) review State, local, and tribal laws and programs relating to drought that the Commission finds pertinent;

(4) determine what differences exist between the needs of those affected by drought and the Federal laws and programs designed to mitigate the impacts of and respond to drought;

(5) collaborate with the Western Drought Coordination Council and other appropriate entities in order to consider regional drought initiatives and the application of such initiatives at the national level;

(6) make recommendations on how Federal drought laws and programs can be better integrated with ongoing State, local, and tribal programs into a comprehensive national policy to mitigate the impacts of and respond to drought emergencies without diminishing the rights of States to control water through State law and considering the need for protection of the environment;

(7) make recommendations on improving public awareness of the need for drought mitigation, and prevention; and response on developing a coordinated approach to drought mitigation, prevention, and response by governmental and nongovernmental entities, including academic, private, and nonprofit interests; and

(8) include a recommendation on whether all Federal drought preparation and response programs should be consolidated under one existing Federal agency and, if so, identify such agency.

The Commission has completed its charge, and presents to Congress and to the public its findings, conclusions, and recommendation in Preparing for Drought in the 21st Century - Report of the National Drought Policy Commission.  The following link will allow interested parties to read the report and accompanying materials online, or to download them in PDF format.

Access to Executive Summary and Full Report