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It's Up To You

What's next in the national discussion about our health care? This is your chance to be part of an important debate. Use the resources of this web site to learn about our health care system.

What happens next, depends on you.

Press Clippings

Media Relations Contact:

Connie Chic Smith
Communications Director
Office: (301) 443-1592


Press Clippings

Press items about the Citizens' Health Care Working Group: Oct. '06; Sep. '06; Aug. '06; July '06; June '06; May '06; Apr. '06; Mar. '06; Feb. '06; Jan. '06; 2005

October 2006


icon - newspaper"Report shows Americans want health-care reform" Decatur Daily (Ala.), (10/2/06). (PDF)

September 2006


icon - newspaper"Toward universal healthcare that works" Miami Herald (9/30/06). (PDF)

icon - newspaper"Americans view better health care as a priority" Walla Walla Union-Bulletin (9/30/06). (PDF)

icon - video cameraView Webcast of Recommendations release, hosted by Kaiser Family Foundation. (Posted 9/27/06)

icon - newspaper"Panel Urges Basic Coverage on Health Care" New York Times article (9/26/06) (PDF)

small graphic - microphone"All Things Considered" Listen to National Public Radio story on Recommendations. (9/25/06)


August 2006


icon - newspaper"Health care reform under different lens." Milwauke Journal Sentinel article (8/12/06) (PDF)

icon - newspaper"Group urges better health, treatment." Oklahoman article (8/2/06). (PDF)


July 2006


icon - newspaper "Single payer not only way for universal healthcare." Contra Costa Times article (7/16/06). (PDF)

icon - newspaper "City to host hearing on health care issues." Oklahoman article (7/12/06).

icon - newspaper "Survey indicates health worries." Kansas City Star article (7/4/06). (PDF)

icon - newspaper "Group recommends that government provide basic health care" Salt Lake Tribune article (7/3/06). (PDF)

June 2006


icon - newspaper "Universal health coverage as used in France, Belgium can work here." Mercury News article (6/30/06).

icon - typewriter "Rationing U.S. Health?" See ACUF site for story (6/29/06).

icon - newspaper "A frivolous matter." Anniston Star editorial (6/17/06). (PDF)

icon - newspaper "Health care report urges dialogue on reform." USA Today, (6/15/06) (PDF)

icon - newspaper "Citizens want more from care." Modern Healthcare (6/12/06). (PDF)


icon - microphone"Interview with Richard Frank of the Citizens Health Care Working Group." Archived interview/podcast from 55KRC AM (06/12/06). (MP3: file is 9MB)

icon - newspaper "Group Calls for Universal Health Coverage" Associated Press story published in more than 120 newspapers (6/7/06). (PDF)

icon - newspaper "Panel Proposes Guaranteed Health Care by 2012." LA Times article (6/8/06). (PDF)

icon - newspaper "Group Formed by Medicare Law Recommends Universal Care by 2012." CQ Healthbeat News (6/5/06).

icon - newspaper "Group proposes standards for health reform." Modern Healthcare (6/5/06).

icon - newspaper "Proposal: Health Insurance for All by 2012." USA Today - Money (Sect. B) (6/5/06). (PDF)

icon - newspaper "Universal Health Care Suggested." Deseret News article (6/3/06). (PDF)

May 2006


"Ideas to Fix Health Care System Sought." Deseret News article (5/7/06). (PDF)

"Health-care conversation, in Spanish." Orlando Sentinel article (5/6/06). (PDF)

"You got a health care fix? Share it!" Salt Lake Tribune article (5/706).

"Health care system got you down? Speak up." Eugene Register-Guard 'Guest Viewpoint' by Frank Turner (5/4/06) (PDF)

"Utahns to offer panel input on US health-care reforms." Deseret News article (5/4/06) (PDF)

"Affordable care is focus of three health meetings." Arizona Daily Star article (5/3/06). (PDF)

"Panel wants public input on health care." See Salt Lake Tribune for brief article (5/2/2006). (PDF)

"Residents share thoughts about health care." Galveston Daily News article (5/2/2006). (PDF)

"Uninsured does not equal unemployed." Galveston Daily News article (5/1/2006). (PDF)

April 2006


icon - video camera"Arkansans Give Advice On Health Care Reform." Today's THV, KTHV Little Rock. (PDF)

"Workshop Launches Insurance Campaign." Cincinnati Post article (4/28/06). (PDF)

"Tackling the Tough One." Kentucky Post article (4/27/06). (PDF)

"Forum to discuss health care." Cincinnati Enquirer article (4/25/06). (PDF)

icon - video camera"U.S. Healthcare" WDAY TV Fargo-Moorhead video on Fargo community meeting (4/22/06).

"Residents voice concerns about health care at Billings forum." Helena Independent Record article. (4/22/06).

icon - typewriter"Forum speakers press for access to health care." KXLF-TV, Mont. (4/22/06). (PDF)

icon - microphoneNational Public Radio: "Consensus on Health Care System Fixes Remains Elusive" NPR report by Julie Rovner (4/21/06).

"Health care concerns aired." Billings Gazette article (4/19/06). (PDF)

icon - typewriter"Guest Opinion: Speak up Friday in national health care, coverage forum." Op-ed by U.S. Senator Max Baucus, Billings Gazette article (4/19/06). (PDF)

icon - typewriter"Comment: Health care meeting is a chance for input." San Antonio Express article (4/18/06). (PDF)

icon - typewriter"Health debate comes to SA." San Antonio Express article (4/18/06). (PDF)

icon - typewriter"Your voice can help transform local health care." Cincinnati Community Press article (4/13/2006). (PDF)

icon - typewriter"Lawmakers, Citizens Talk Health Care." Sioux City Journal article (4/11/2006). (PDF)

icon - typewriter"Health care system in crisis, many at forum say." Des Moines Register article (4/9/2006). (PDF)

icon - typewriter"Cincinnati a Stop for National Health Care Dialogue." Community Press article (4/12/2006). (PDF)

icon - typewriter"Voice views on health care." Des Moines Register article (4/7/2006). (PDF)

icon - typewriter"Health care: Tell us what YOU think" Op-ed by Lance Haver, city consumer advocate, Philadelphia Daily News (4/6/06). (PDF)

icon - typewriter"Help Shape Health Agenda." Dayton Daily News article (4/5/2006). (PDF)

icon - typewriter"Coverage, in pieces." LA Times article (4/3/2006). (PDF)

March 2006


small graphic - microphonePodcast: (3/31/2006) Daily News podcast interview: Carol Rogers of the Dept. of Public Health and community activist Greg Benjamin about upcoming April 10 community meeting.

icon - typewriter"To Your Health: Suddenly Government Wants Your Opinion." Philadelphia Daily News article. (3/31/06) (PDF)

icon - typewriter"Citizens sound off on health care." Daytona Beach News-Journal article. (3/26/06)

icon - typewriter"National health conference coming to B-CC." Daytona Beach News-Journal article. (3/24/06)

icon - typewriter "With Liberty and Coverage for all?" USA Today article (3/14/06). (PDF)

icon - typewriter "Metro Detroiters get a say in how to heal health care": Detroit News editorial (3/14/06). (PDF)

small graphic - typewriter"Share Your Health Care Concerns." Indianapolis Star (3/10/06). (PDF)

small graphic - typewriter"Health Care a 'right', mayor says." Los Angeles Daily News story (3/5/06). (PDF)

February 2006


Washington Health Foundation release on Seattle Community Meeting (Feb. 25, 2006).

small graphic - microphone Radio interview (WFAE FM) with Anne Udall (Lee Institute) about upcoming Charlotte community meeting.

TV news interview (News 14 Carolina) with Anne Udall (Lee Institute) about upcoming Charlotte community meeting.

small graphic - microphone Radio report on first community meeting, "Kansas Health: A Prescription for Change." Kansas Public Radio, Feb. 6, 2006.

January 2006


Healthcare Concerns, Central Florida News 13, January 25, 2006 (transcript)

small graphic - typewriter Miami Citizens Chosen for Nationwide Discussion on Healthcare, PRNewswire, January 23, 2006

small graphic - typewriter Panel seeks answers to health-care problems, Orlando Sentinel, January 23, 2006

small graphic - typewriter Kroger pushing health care survey, Cincinnati Business Courier, Jan. 19, 2006



small graphic - typewriter Panel looks at Oregon Health Plan, The Oregonian, Sept. 24, 2005

small graphic - typewriter E-liminating Errors, Salt Lake City Tribune, Sept. 5, 2005



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