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What's next in the national discussion about our health care? This is your chance to be part of an important debate. Use the resources of this web site to learn about our health care system.

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Health Care Topics Index

Selected experts and citizens have given presentations to the Citizens’ Health Care Working Group on the following subjects. This list is provided for your convenience.

See a list of presentations given at each of the Working Group's public hearings.


To view PowerPoint slide presentations by the listed indivduals, click on the link following the entry. To read the speaker's biographical information, click on his/her name.


Access, Safety Net, and Health Disparities
Dr. Dan Jones, Dean and Vice Chancellor, University of Mississippi Medical Center (6/8/2005).

Roy Mitchell, Executive Director, Mississippi Health Advocacy Program (6/8/2005).

Dr. Herman Taylor, Director of the Jackson Heart Study, University of Mississippi Medical Center (6/8/2005).

(see summary for 6/8/2005).

Employer/Employee Initiatives
Peter Lee, Pacific Business Group on Health (7/22/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

David Blitzstein, United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (7/22/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

Elizabeth Gilbertson, Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union Welfare Fund (7/22/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

Jeffrey R. Hanson, Regional Healthcare Manager, Verizon Communications (8/17/2005). (PowerPoint slides; Part 1, Part 2)

(see summary for 7/22/2005).

(see summary for 8/17/2005).

End of Life
Ira Byock, M.D., Director of Palliative Medicine, Dartmouth Hitchcock Center (8/17/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

Nicholas Christakis, M.D., Harvard Medical School (8/17/2005).

Joanne Lynn, M.D., Rand (8/17/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 8/17/2005).

Federal Spending/Cost Trends
David M. Walker, Comptroller General of the United States (7/22/2005). (Presentation slides as PDF document)

Health Care Quality
Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP (by telephone), President and CEO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (7/22/2005).
John E. Wennberg, M.D., M.P.H., Dartmouth Medical School (7/22/2005). (PowerPoint slides, Pt. 1) (Slides, Pt. 2)

(see summary for 7/22/2005).

Health Information Technology
Stanley M. Huff, M.D. Senior Medical Informaticist, Intermountain (7/22/2005). (PowerPoint slides)
Scott Williams, M.D., HealthInsight (7/22/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 7/22/2005).

Healthcare Costs
Rick Foster, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (5/13/2005). (PowerPoint slides)
Stephen Heffler, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (5/13/2005).
Jennifer Jenson, Congressional Research Service (5/13/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 5/13/2005).

Hispanic Issues
Karl Eschbach, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (7/26/2005). (PowerPoint slides)
Adela S. Valdez, MD, Valley Baptist Health System (7/26/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 7/26/2005).

Long-Term Care, Home and Community Options
Lanette Gonzales, Sheltering Arms, Houston (7/26/2005). (PowerPoint slides)
Nancy Wilson, Huffington Center on Aging, Baylor College of Medicine (7/26/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 7/26/2005).


Mental Health
Elizabeth Childs, M.D., Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (8/17/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

Deborah Nelson, Ph.D., Beacon Health Strategies (8/17/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

Toby Fisher, Executive Director, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (8/17/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 8/17/2005).

Public Perceptions
John Iglehart, Project Hope (5/11-12/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 5/11/2005).

(see summary for 5/12/2005).

Private Health Care System: large employer market
Paul Fronstin, EBRI (5/12/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 5/12/2005).

Private Health Care System: small employer market
Deborah Chollet, Mathematica Policy Research (5/12/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 5/12/2005).

Private Sector Initiatives To Control Costs
Helen Darling, Washington Business Group on Health (5/13/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

Alice Rosenblatt, WellPoint (5/13/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 5/13/2005).

Private Sector Initiatives To Expand Coverage
Linda Bilheimer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (5/12/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

Matt Salo, National Governors Assoc (5/12/2005).

Ken Sperling, CIGNA (5/12/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

Terry Stoller, Medimetrix (5/12/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

Anthony Tersigni, Ascension Health (5/12/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 5/12/2005).

Public Insurance Programs: Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP
Bill Scanlon, Health Policy R&D (5/11/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 5/11/2005).

Public Sector Initiatives To Control Costs - Medicaid
Jim Verdier, Mathematica Policy Research (5/13/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 5/13/2005).

Public Sector Initiatives To Control Costs - Medicare
Jack Hoadley, Georgetown University (5/13/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 5/13/2005).

Public Sector Initiatives To Control Costs - SCHIP
Genevieve Kenney, Urban Institute (5/13/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 5/13/2005).

Reality of Being Uninsured
Richard Dye (6/8/2005).
Georgia Rucker (6/8/2005).

(see summary for 6/8/2005).

Retiree Health Care
Marshall Bolyard, U.S. Family Health Plan (7/26/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

Paul Dennett, American Benefits Council (7/26/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

Gerry Smolka, AARP (7/26/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 7/26/2005).

Rural Health
Rachel Gonzales-Hanson, Chief Executive Officer, Community Health Development, Inc., Uvalde (7/26/2005).

Ernest R. Parisi, Administrator and Chief Executive Officer, East Texas Medical Center, Quitman (7/26/2005). (PDF document, HTML version)

Patti Patterson, Vice President for Rural and Community Health, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock (7/26/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 7/26/2005).

State, County and Local Initiatives
Dr. Janice Bacon, G.A. Carmichael Community Health Center (6/8/2005). (PDF, PowerPoint slides)

Bill Croswell, Chamber Plus, Metro Jackson Chamber of Commerce (6/8/2005).

Michael J. Garland, D. Sc. Rel, Oregon Health & Science University (9/23/05). (PowerPoint slides)

Bruce Goldberg, M.D., Oregon Office for Health Policy and Research (9/23/05).

John Kitzhaber, M.D., Center for Evidence Based Policy, Oregon Health & Science University (9/23/05). White Paper (PDF version)

Alison S. Little, M.D., Oregon Health Services Commission (9/23/05). (PowerPoint slides)

Diane Lovell, Oregon Public Employees Benefit Board, and Oregon Health and Sciences University Employee Benefits Council (9/23/05).

Ellen C. Lowe, Oregon Health Services Commission (9/23/05). White paper (PDF version)

Marian McDonagh, Oregon Evidence-based Practice Center for the Drug Effectiveness Review Project (9/23/05). (PowerPoint slides)

Trish Riley, Director, Governor's Office of Health Policy and Finance, Maine (8/17/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

John Santa, M.D., M.P.H., Center for Evidence-based Policy, Oregon Health & Sciences University (9/23/05). White paper (PDF version) Attachment to paper - M. Gold article (PDF only); see also related article online.

Jean I. Thorne, Oregon Public Employees’ Benefit Board (9/23/05). (PowerPoint slides)

Primus Wheeler, Executive Director, Jackson Medical Mall Foundation (6/8/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

Vondie Woodbury, Director, Muskegon Community Health (8/17/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 6/8/2005).

(see summary for 8/17/2005).

(see summary for 9/23/05).

The Uninsured
Peter Cunningham, Center for Studying Health System Change (5/11/2005). (PowerPoint slides)

(see summary for 5/11/2005).


Verbatim testimony by all witnesses may be found in hearing transcripts.

Summaries of hearing presentations and Q&A sessions are also available.


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