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Donald C. Smaltz


This is the web site of the Office of Independent Counsel in the investigation and prosecutions involving matters relating to former Secretary of Agriculture, Alphonso Michael Espy.

Donald C. Smaltz was appointed Independent Counsel by the Special Division of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia on September 9, 1994, to "investigate to the maximum extent authorized by [law]" whether Secretary Espy "committed a violation of any federal criminal law . . . relating in any way to the acceptance of gifts by him from organizations or individuals with business pending before the Department of Agriculture." He was also given jurisdiction to investigate "other allegations or evidence of violations of any federal criminal law by organizations or individuals developed during the course of the investigation of Secretary Espy and connected with or arising out of that investigation."

The purpose of this web site is to give the public access to public information that defines and explains the investigation. This information includes (1) the Attorney General’s request for the Appointment of an Independent Counsel, (2) the Court’s order appointing the Independent Counsel, (3) the indictments, criminal informations, and civil complaints to date filed by this office which set forth the charges against the defendants in these cases, as well as related Settlement and Compliance Agreements, (4) the press releases issued by the Independent Counsel, (5) the Independent Counsel’s annual reports to Congress and congressional testimony, (6) the speeches delivered and articles written by the Independent Counsel, (7) a summary of all of our cases, including appellate matters and matters referred to other agencies that are public, (8) a list of the attorneys currently associated with this office, (9) selected Government briefs and court opinions, (10) a  financial page summarizing this office’s expenditures, and (11) the Final Report

The website represents our best efforts to make available public information that is otherwise accessible in various federal courthouses and agencies.

We hope that you find this web site useful.

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