June 23, 1997

A Message to Federal Managers:

President Clinton and I called the new Cabinet to Blair House in January, 1997, to give them their reinvention marching orders. We published these as The Blair House Papers.

We asked each Cabinet Secretary to set clear uplifting goals, and make sure everyone understands how the goals relate to their own jobs. We also told them the most important job for government leaders at every level is to unlock the unused creativity and brain power of the men and women in the federal workforce.

You play the central role in this effort. I need your help to introduce a climate for learning in every government organization. This little book, Getting Results Through Learning, can help you do it. Its techniques have been widely used in the private sector, where such major corporations as Motorola, Ford, 3M, and DuPont have built constant learning into their everyday business. You can start now, and you donít need to find more money.

Open it. Read it. And try it. Federal workers want to make a difference. This book can help you engage them in the important work of learning and reinvention.

                      Al Gore


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