National Partnership for Reinventing Government

NPR Team Member
(HIA Lead)

Phone (area code: 202)

Administration for Children & Families
Bev Godwin 694-0064

Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service
Bill Ryan 694-0075

Bureau of Consular Affairs
Anna Doroshaw 694-0117

Bureau of Land Management Leslie
Schwager 694-0107

Bureau of the Census
Janice Warden 694-0029

Customs Service
Janice Warden 694-0029

Defense Acquisition Reform
Steve Ruszczyk 694-0071

Education - Student Financial Aid
Susan Valaskovic 694-0005

Environmental Protection Agency
Jean Logan 694-0043

Federal Aviation Administration
John Hennigan 694-0087

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Susan Valaskovic 694-0005

Financial Management Service
Eva Williams 694-0097

Food & Nutrition Service
Lance Cope 694-0028

Food and Drug Administration
LeeAnne Jackson 694-0062

Food Safety and Inspection Service
LeeAnne Jackson 694-0062

Forest Service
Leslie Schwager 694-0107

General Services Administration
Meshell Jones 694-0122

Health Care Financing Administration
Pam Johnson 694-0011

Immigration and Naturalization Services
Janice Warden 694-0029

Internal Revenue Service
Michael Messinger 694-0048

National Aeronautics and Space Admininstration
Susan Valaskovic 694-0005

National Park Service
Annetta Cheek 694-0024

National Weather Service
Marci Hilt 694-0089

Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Russ Kile 694-0114

Office of Personnel Management
Mary Ellen Dix 694-0007

Patent and Trademark Office
John Kamensky 694-0009

Small Business Administration
Karen Freeman 694-0033

Social Security Administration
Tamie Lyles-Santiago 694-0021

US & Foreign Commercial Service
Karen Freeman 694-0033

US Postal Service
Janice Warden 694-0029

Veterans Benefits Administration
Kathy Monahan 694-0012

Veterans Health Administration
Pam Johnson 694-0011


High Impact Agencies

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