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Charter Of the President's Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy

Official Designation:

President's Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy

Scope and Objectives:

The mission of the Commission shall be to provide recommendations to the President on implementation of the vision outlined in the President's policy statement entitled "A Renewed Spirit of Discovery" and the President's Budget Submission for Fiscal Year 2005 (collectively, "Policy"). The Commission shall examine and make recommendations to the President regarding:

  • A science research agenda to be conducted on the Moon and other destinations as well as human and robotic science activities that advance our capacity to achieve the Policy;
  • The exploration of technologies, demonstrations, and strategies, including the use of lunar and other in situ natural resources, that could be used for sustainable human and robotic exploration;
  • Criteria that could be used to select future destinations for human exploration;
  • Long-term organization options for managing implementation of space exploration activities;
  • The most appropriate and effective roles for potential private sector and international participants in implementing the Policy; and
  • Methods for optimizing space exploration activities to encourage the interests of America's youth in studying and pursuing careers in mathematics, science, and engineering; and
  • Management of the implementation of the Policy within available resources.


The Commission will exist for 180 days, unless earlier renewed.

Reporting Relationship:

The Commission will submit its final report to the President through the Administrator within 120 days of the first meeting of the Commission.


NASA will provide administrative support and funding for the Commission. The Commission is established in NASA for administrative purposes only.


The Board will provide advice and recommendations only.


The operating cost associated with supporting the Board's functions is estimated to be $2 million, including all direct and indirect expenses. It is estimated that 15 FTE will be required to support the Board.


The Commission shall conduct occasional meetings as appropriate, including at various locations throughout the United States to solicit views and opinions from the public, academia, and industry.

Date of Termination:

The Commission shall terminate within 60 days after submitting its final report.

Charter Filing Date:

February 2, 2004
Sean O’Keefe

View White House Executive Order (Adobe PDF)
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