Welcome to the Coalition Provisional Authority
Iraq Donations Home Page

    We appreciate your interest in wishing to make a donation to the Iraqi people.   Many individuals and organizations have already made both financial and in-kind donations that are meeting important reconstruction and humanitarian needs in Iraq.   Because a large majority of donations to Iraq require some form of help from the U.S. military or Coalition Provisional Authority, placing significant burdens on staff, we have developed criteria for what can and cannot be received in Iraq.   The most difficult part of every donation project is arranging transportation from donor to recipient.   It can be costly and complex.

    Unless a donation can be shipped entirely by private means to the ultimate recipient in Iraq, the donation must be evaluated by the CPA Donations Office.   We hope that the information provided in this website will help you navigate your way along the process.   We encourage you to visit the Policy page for further information on our procedures and requirements.   We also hope you will review the section on Needs to ensure that what you are considering donating corresponds with an identified need in Iraq.

"A free Iraq will serve as an example and an inspiration to advocates of reform and progress throughout the Middle East, and a free Iraq will be a source of stability and hope for that region. America appreciates the efforts of all nations that are committed to this great endeavor."

- President George W. Bush
24 October, 2003