Pursuant to Public Law 105-119, the undersigned members of the U.S. Census Monitoring Board (CMB) hereby transmit our final report to Congress.

The following report represents over three years of dedicated service to the cause of an accurate Census 2000. It embodies not only our legacy, but also our belief that the census, as a foundation of democracy, should count every single individual in our great nation. It is also our hope that this final report will serve as a useful roadmap for Census 2010.


The Final Report to Congress is available in Acrobat PDF format. The Report may be downloaded below in its entirety, or by section.

 The Full Report (1.6 MB)

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Summary Letter
Table of Contents
Section 1:
Census 2000 and Census Monitoring Board Milestones
Section 2:
Section 3:
An Evaluation of the 2000 Census
Appendix A: Estimated Rates of Undercount and Numbers of Persons Missed by County
Section 4:
Demographic Analysis: An Evaluation
Section 5:
Effect of Census 2000 Undercount on Federal Funding to States and Selected Counties, 2001-2012
Appendix A: 2000 Population Counts and Estimated Undercounts of Persons Over and Under 18 Years of Age by State
Appendix B: 2000 Population Undercount by Selected County
Appendix C: Federal Program Descriptions
Appendix D: Estimated Funding Effect by State Program
Appendix E: Estimated Funding Effect by Selected County
Section 6:
Census 2000 Partnership Program
Section 7:
Census Monitoring Board Activities by Category

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