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Integrate the Government Services Information Infrastructure
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U.S. State and Local The one-stop Internet link Gateway to federal information for state and local government managers and employees

Federal White
Pages Online

The Federal White Pages Project is working across government to provide the name, telephone number, and e-mail address for all federal employees in an easy-to-use online database. Here's the progress so far.

Search Scientific Journals Online
This year we announce another new service developed by the same folks at the Department of Energy who brought you "an Electronic Bridge to the 21st century" last year. Believe it or not, researching thousands of scientific journal articles can now be quick, easy and free with the exciting new public search service called PubSCIENCE.

GSA's WebForms Site Is a Hit
One year ago we reported that the General Services Administration has put hundreds of commonly used federal forms on a one-stop web site. These GSA forms, Standard Forms, and Optional Forms can be viewed, filled in, printed, e-mailed or faxed directly from the Internet. Here's the report one year later--and it's good.

Federal Statistics Online
Everyone knows the U.S. Census Bureau counts how many people we have. But do you know that 69 other federal agencies collect and analyze statistics on everything from agricultural output to banking data to the top 20 hazardous substances to on time flight records, to weekly earnings? What federal statistics do you need today? It's on this one-stop site. PS: Arsenic is the number one hazardous substance.

National Science Foundation's Grants
Are in Online Database

The National Science Foundation provided over $3.7 billion in 1998 for crucial research projects. Community of Science invites you to search its free NSF Grants database. It lets you quickly find which projects are being funded in areas of science and engineering that matter to you. It's updated every week.



We're Looking for Stories

Federal workers are doing amazing things to deliver government services electronically. But often, agencies deliver similar services using similar but separate information databases, developed over many years. Federal agencies have begun to consolidate this information infrastructure to improve service delivery and cut costs.

Access America E-Gov E-Zine wants stories about how federal agencies are integrating the infrastructure pieces to provide "one-stop" electronic access to government services. We're also looking for stories about integrating telecommunications networks within the federal government.

These stories can be short, as in a "byte" of about 150 words, or they can be longer feature stories. Write feature stories in plain language with quotes from customers who experience the service electronically and quotes from federal employees and their partners who deliver the service.

Include a contact person with phone number and email address. Send your stories to or If you need more information, call Pat Wood, National Partnership for Reinventing Government, (202) 694-0063. Please pass this request along to others who may be interested.