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Search Scientific Journals Online

Believe it or not, researching hundreds of scientific journal articles can now be quick, easy and free with the exciting new public search service called PubSCIENCE

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Science and the Government Printing Office (GPO) teamed up to develop a new web resource, PubSCIENCE, that opened on October 1, 1999. GPO is sponsoring the public access of PubSCIENCE through its GPO Access Web site.

PubSCIENCE focuses on the physical sciences and other energy-related disciplines. Dr. Walter L. Warnick, Director of the Office of Scientific and Technical Information, says "PubSCIENCE was modeled after the highly recognized PubMed, which covers medical sciences and, like PubMed, will continue to expand with the vision of becoming a comprehensive compendium of searchable, published information about the physical sciences and other disciplines of concern to DOE."

It’s Easy to Search

PubSCIENCE’s easy-to-use search system provides the scientific and educational community a long-needed resource to quickly identify and locate peer-reviewed journal articles. Scientists and educators will no longer have to search through multiple journals or navigate through individual publisher web sites.

Abstracts Are Free

On the new site, you can navigate across hundreds of bibliographic citations from multiple journal sources and identify information of interest. You can link directly to the publisher's doorstep to view the electronic full-text.

Once you have found an interesting abstract, a hyperlink provides access to the publisher’s server to obtain the full text article. The article will come up immediately if you or your organization has a subscription to the journal. If you don’t have such a subscription, access to the full text can be obtained by pay per view, by special arrangement with the publisher, library access or through commercial providers. Fee-based arrangements to view the full-text at the publisher's site are the responsibility of the users.

Energy Plans to Add More Journals

Approximately 500 scientific and technical journals from over twenty participating publishers are searchable from PubSCIENCE. Energy officials anticipate that this number will rapidly increase through negotiations with additional contributors. PubSCIENCE represents the latest in a series of web-based public services developed by Office of Scientific and Technical Information for public use within the past 3 years.

It confirms that the Department of Energy is working for America.

For More Information

Walter L. Warnick, Ph.D., Director
Office of Scientific and Technical Information
Office of Science
U. S. Department of Energy
(301) 903-7996

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