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Tobacco Commission
Preliminary Report

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View Entire Preliminary Report - 6.08MB
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DO NOT download this entire report.
The file size is 6.08 Mega Bytes and will take
an extremely long time.
Cover Page and Table of Contents - 172KB 1
Introduction and Guiding Principles - 135KB 2-6
I.   The Current Threat to U.S. Tobacco Farmers and their
- 2.52MB
I.   The Current Threat to U.S. Tobacco Farmers and their
     Communities (Continued)
- 1.88MB
II.  Harms Caused by Smoking and Other Tobacco
     Use and their Impact on Tobacco States and
     Tobacco-Farming Communities
- 634KB
III. Emerging Challenges for U.S. Tobacco Farmers
      - 100KB
IV. Options and Opportunities for Assisting Tobacco
      Farmers and their Communities - Without Harming the
      Public Health
- 1.11MB
V.  Ways to Reduce Tobacco Use that are Consistent
      with Efforts to Assist U.S. Tobacco Farmers and
      Reduce their Economic Problems
- 85.2KB
VI. Request for Comments - 46.8KB 28
Appendix - 221KB 29-41

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